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Ideas are everything

That’s why, over the years, we’ve supported so many. Huge ideas, of course, from the worlds top artists, performers and sports teams. But also ideas from thousands of others, riggers, engineers, architects, even rocket scientists, anyone who has the determination to create something special.

Built on solid experience

The StageDex range is comprised of ProExpoFloor, LiteDeck and StageDex, together offering the most durable and versatile products available that facilitate the building of temporary flooring systems or demountable platforms and stages. Resulting from long-term practical experience, combined with advanced design and manufacturing techniques, StageDex products offer solid solutions to the vast majority of flooring and staging applications. StageDex products are efficient and lightweight yet are possessed of a very high loading capacity.

Reliable construction

StageDex products combine smart, high-tech looks with flexible, safe and practical use. A wide range of standardized products affords maximum configuration flexibility and the best value for money. Lightweight and user-friendly, StageDex products can be assembled by any staff with minimal prior training. Few tools are needed and storage is easy and efficient.

Products that work for you

StageDex offers ideal products for all your business functions, from flexible stages for presentations to extensive conference facilities and temporary banqueting solutions. With StageDex products, you can dazzle your corporate guests with stunning structures, either inside or outdoors. Functional yet elegant structural elements create a casual atmosphere for the after-event leisure activities, like an entertainment stage or a dance platform.

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